New pacemaker - dizzy spells


I'm 38 and had a dual lead pacemaker fitted 3 weeks ago, thus I'm a new member here. My issue was that I was getting a couple of daily sinus pauses or gaps in my heart beat which were picked up on the ecg, with up to 7 seconds at a time. No heart deseases or heart block thankfully. I also have a lowish heart rate often in the 50's thus my PM is set to fire up below 40bps.

Pre-pacemaker the dizzy episodes tended to come in phases and could last up to hour at a time, and we're often triggered when sitting or lying down (never when exercising). Since the PM has gone in, the long dizzy spells are completely gone but I often get brief dizziness (1-2 seconds) when I go up/down stairs, stand up and walk, or just by quickly moving my head side to side. I'm not yet exercising to test it more vigorously.  My cardiologist can't explain why this still is and suggests it it something I may have to just live with. 

Has anyone experienced similar dizzy spells post procedure? I had thought it is the heart getting used to the PM and vica versa, but again my cardiologist says this should be immediate. 

Any thoughts would be very appreciated 

Many thanks 



two thoughts

by Tracey_E - 2020-06-30 10:46:15

If the symptoms are on change of position, that can be blood pressure. A pacer will just make your heart beat faster, it won't keep blood pressure from dropping

Second, 40 bpm is pretty low. It's good to not pace any more than necessary, but as long as you have it you might as well use it, esp if you are symptomatic with the lower rate. 

dizzy spells

by Gemita - 2020-06-30 14:13:16


Firstly I agree with Tracey_E, a minimum setting of 40 bpm sounds way too low to me for someone who clearly suffers from bradycardia.  You might feel better all round if this minimum rate is raised.   

Yes I have had dizzy spells post procedure, but my dizzy spells are definitely related to my several arrhythmias and the fact that when I get them my blood pressure and upper heart rate can be so volatile.  A pacemaker is not able to control our blood pressure, nor to correct an arrhythmia, nor a high heart rate and an arrhythmia, as you will see from other posts, can definitely cause dizziness, even with a pacemaker.

I would go back to your cardiologist and discuss your symptoms.  If you are highly symptomatic, they need to check that your settings are right for you and that you do not have any “events” recorded which might be causing problems as you go up/down stairs or change position.

Your earlier statement “pre-pacemaker the dizzy phases were often triggered when sitting or lying down (never when exercising)" would suggest to me that “falling heart rates” might still be the trigger for your dizziness.  Raise your minimum heart rate and you might fix the problem, unless there is an underlying rhythm disturbance also present.  I would certainly not accept your cardiologist’s view that you may just have to live with your problem.  It is still very early days for you and your new friend and hopefully with time it will get better.  Good luck


Thank you both. Your input is much appreciated.

by BCasey - 2020-07-01 05:42:43

Thank you both. Your input is much appreciated

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