Sleeping with pacemaker

I recently had a pacemaker put in last Wednesday I slept fine first 2 nights at hospital now that im.home if this device bothers me alot I turn to one side it it pulls the skin same on the next side im still healing it's still  clued at the wound and they told me I was still on restriction from moving my left much I dont think it  helps having bigger breast  that stretch and pull the skin down the area.where device is at is sore to touch and sore period im.using ice packs to help with it my.main thing is getting some sleep 


Give it time

by LondonAndy - 2020-06-19 05:37:49

I sleep on my side, and always preferred the left side which is now where my pacemaker is, and found it very uncomfortable to sleep that side at first.  Fortunately I coud sleep on my right ok, but they have had to create a pocket for the pacemaker and it will take time to heal properly - could be six weeks.  

One morning several months later I woke up to find I was sleeping on my left again and it was completely comfortable, and have had no discomfort since.

As a gay man I can't comment much about the weight of the breasts point, but would wearing a bra at night help?   I will leave that to others to give better advice!


by AgentX86 - 2020-06-19 07:37:26

I slept in a recliner for a couple of months. I could easily have gone back to the bed after a month but wanted to make sure. I tried to go back too soon after my CABG and woke up in extreme pain. A recliner will keep you from rolling over on that side.

it will get better

by Gemita - 2020-06-19 08:09:31

Dear Dabratt316,

As a female, I also had the same problem soon after pacemaker implant and I can honestly say that it will get better but it may take a few months to feel comfortable sleeping on your left side again.  

You could try supporting your left breast on an extra smaller pillow to cushion the weight and elevate it slightly so that it is not "pulling" on your device.  Alternatively, try sleeping on your right side with a soft small cushion wedged between your two breasts (to support your left breast to prevent it pulling again on your device) or try to sleep on your back if you feel more comfortable.  Most of us feel uncomfortable at first but it does get better, so be patient.

LondonAndy's and AgentX86 ideas are very good ones too, so you have a few choices to make life more comfortable.

Welcome to the pacemaker world and I hope you will soon enjoy a better quality of life.


Worst case scenario

by Theknotguy - 2020-06-19 15:40:43

I had a lot of trauma prior to getting my pacemaker so my case is different from the others.  They broke ribs on both sides so I was really sore.  It took me over two years before I could sleep on my right side and over four years before I could even try to sleep on my left.  Not saying the same thing will happen to you - just saying it may take a little time before you can sleep on your side.  Just be patient.  

Hope your adjustment to your pacemaker goes well. 


it all takes time

by dwelch - 2020-06-20 01:34:23

I am on my fifth device and prefer to sleep on that side.  It takes time, sleeping is one of the things that takes weeks.  First night no real sleep.  Next up to a week maybe some, between pain and being stuck in a position and cant roll over to that side because it hurts, so getting up every hour or so.  And of course not having good sleep for days/weeks drains you in other ways.  Give it a week or two to get any kind of decent sleep in positions you dont like then another week or two to start working over to positions you like.  

Recovery is temporary, for the idealy 10 year give or take a few weeks to a few months of recovery really is no big deal.  Each little thing has its own time frame, sleeping is one, driving is another if not on your first by your third or fourth driving again by day two or three.  Lifting things.  Lifting your arms above your head to wash your hair or whatever, these take time different amounts of time for each thing all happening in parallel.

It will pass.

The ones that get me are eating, you go to open your mouth wide for something and it pulls the neck which pulls on the skin over the incision, and a sharp pain.  Usually makes me giggle, one of those laugh/cry things.  And on top of that you close/move your mouth quick and sometimes now you are wearing what you tried to get into your mouth.

Long term depending on what side of the car you sit/drive on the seat belt is a constant PITA. Big fluffy seat belt cover.  If female then from this site I understand bras are a PITA, I cant give advice on that one refer to Tracey_E and others.  Everything else you dont even know its there, its like a belly button or a big toe, you know you have one but you dont think about it.

Being your first device and depending on your condition you might be set for a limit you are not used to so that can mess with sleep, your heart is ideally running better so that actually caused me concern for a good part of the first year, put the physical, mental and medical all together at once, and the bottom line is it just takes time.  But trust me the new normal is good and it will be a new normal with minimal issues.


Pacemaker Tenderness

by steppingstones - 2020-06-20 23:20:19

It has been 43 years / 7 devices.  I have had both left and right incisions at the same time.  With the help of Amazon I have been able to have an easier healing experience, and on long trips I still drag out those covers. 

If you search on Amazon for Kids travel pillows for seat belts

and for bra straps - Seat belt shoulder pads, baby strap covers and carseat strap pads.  It will give you lots of ideas. 

Also, I am symptomatic to pacemaker accelerometers.  Can't take the extra beats if I am not utilizing them physically.  I bought a babies crib pillow and lodge that between myself and the upper seat belt.  Somehow it just helps to secure and stabilize.  AND that would be a good pillow for night time positioning.

I did not like the velvety pad covers. The cotton quilted to me worked the best and washed well.  I don't know where these things were all my life.  I use to cut up and pin material pieces around my straps. There is velcro and snap.  I used the velcro.

Hope this helps!!

sleeping while healing

by Tracey_E - 2020-06-21 10:36:12

I found a front zip sports bra, made things so much more comfortable! I also slept hugging a small pillow when I slept on my side those first weeks, wedge it between the girls. The pillow also kept me from rolling onto my stomach in my sleep. 

Don't stop with the ice. I found it helped a lot more than pain meds. 

Sleeping with pacemaker

by dabratt316 - 2020-06-26 14:44:43

Thank you guys so much for all the advice I will try them out unfortunately I'm about to go back to surgery in a few days woke up to a loud alarm sound coming from pacemaker they think ome of the leads came off I'm about to head to have them check it at the device clinic to know for sure the alarm scared the s... out of me at 3am it's been going off all day now lol thanks again for the advice 

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