Hi everyone my first posting and just interested to know our my present symptoms common.

Had dual Pacemaker fitted 2 Weeks ago and guess I"m a little ffrustrated I still suffer fatigue and bouts of a kind of Lightheadedness.

My Blood Pressure has always been Spot on and my Fatiue only set in after I fainted at Work on the 20th December.

For the following 8 Weeks I could hardly function correctly due to Fatigue and the more Sleep I had the more Tired I was.

I still believe during this time it was a Virus I had and not a Heart Issue and whilst my Fatigue is nowhere as bad as it was I just dont feel 100% so still feel some what fed up

Any Comments???

                  Regards Phil



Fatigue and Lightheadedness

by Gemita - 2020-05-16 13:56:11

Hello Phil,

I would say yes your symptoms are very common for many even without a heart condition since there are just so many potential causes for fatigue and lightheadedness.  If you search this site you will find lots of posts on dizzy spells, lightheadedness, fatigue and fainting.

I note that your fatigue only set in after you fainted at work on 20th December so hopefully now that you have a pacemaker things will start improving for you. I can remember when I first got my pacemaker I expected to feel 100% right away with renewed energy, no more lightheadedness, fatigue or fainting.  It took me a few months to get used to being paced and for my doctors to decide whether any adjustments to my pacemaker settings and/or medication were required.   Two weeks is a short time and your heart is still getting used to being paced and is still healing from the implant procedure so try not to worry.

Fainting (syncope) can be very difficult to treat and may have several different causes.  Mine was primarily due to my arrhythmias causing sudden massive drops/spikes in heart rate and also blood pressure. You don't say what caused yours ?  The heart rate drops can be managed by our pacemaker which can be set to prevent our heart rate falling below a certain minimum level (mine for example is set at 70 bpm) but the blood pressure cannot be controlled by the pacemaker and with a sudden blood pressure fall, this can also cause fainting.   I was diagnosed with ME/CFS some years ago and I still get periods of unbelievable fatigue and brain fog even after hours of sleep.  Like you, I too believe a virus has most definitely caused many of my difficulties, including heart rhythm problems.  At the beginning of April I believe I developed Coronavirus because of my high temperature and other symptoms.  I am only just now recovering.  I hope you stay free from the virus and that your symptoms improve quickly.




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