Hematoma after two weeks

It's been exactly two weeks since implant.  Wound drained out the front and filled my arm for two weeks.  Still never met the doctor.  Went in today for the check up the nurse said, "oh hematoma" put a bandaid on it and sent me home.  But after two weeks I should not be stil bleeding right?

i think I need to shake this doctors tree but should I wait it out




Wound haematoma

by Selwyn - 2020-05-05 10:01:17

A haematoma is a blood clot outside of a blood vessel. This is history. Provided that the situation is not worsening ( size, pain, temperature increase, and redness- signs of inflammation) you are best sitting this out. Large haematomas may be aspirated by a wide needle, or occasionally a scalpel incision. This is not advisable where there is an implant due to the risk of infection.

You body will naturally  'eat up' the blood clot. Occasionally you may get a hard lump remaining ( fibrosis/calcification) though that is rare, and it is rarer to cause problems. 

Hanging in

by Omni - 2020-05-05 11:27:56

Thank you, great advice.  I was hoping I would hear that because I know how invasive going back in would be.  As long as it fixes itself eventually I can live with some aspersion.

thank you,



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