Box change and new lead

Hi - I'm 44 & had my first PM put in 10 years ago. I'm due a box change this year and possibly a third lead to improve things.  I just wonder if anyone else gets the ' clicking' sensation, where you can feel the impulses on the leads? It doesn't happen often but is unnerving when it does. I've mentioned it at check ups but I get told I shouldn't feel anything, it happens when they run the tests on the device too. Anyone else have this? Wondering if the 3rd lead would stop it 🥴


clicking sensation

by Lisarose - 2020-05-07 21:28:35

Hi Carli,

I have always felt the unusual things when my pacemaker kicks in.  I know it is my pacemaker because when I go for check ups and they manually activate the pacemaker, it is the same sensation.  Possibly a new lead will improve things?? I guess it will depend on why the old lead isn't performing as it should.

take care,


Clicking sensation

by Carli - 2020-05-17 03:28:44

Thanks Lisa - good to know it's not just me 👍🏻

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