Lead close to my collarbone

I am on my second CRTD. The battery change was done 2 years ago

Experienced pm users all know the reasons why sometimes PMs shift. My second one did, and I will not get into the details as it has somewhat settled and my doctors do not want to do a repositioning surgery due to infection risk.  I accepted it, and still trying to cope and not think about it

But my biggest concern is one of the leads. It has moved close to my collarbone, and especially when I am lying down or sleeping it sticks out as though it wants to break out of my skin. My doctors say it is okey. But I am worried that this much extra pressure could damage that lead at some point. I do not want this to happen as I have already 3 leads and have  not much room for a replacement and my doctors are not experienced in lead extraction.

Should I be concerned about this extra pressure on this particular lead? Thanks in advance for all your feedbacks



by Tracey_E - 2020-05-03 10:17:14

If your doctor said it's ok, then it's probably ok. If you don't trust that, get another opinion, but leads are thin and flexible and intended to move with us.

Most doctors are not experienced in extraction, that's a very specialized field. When the time comes to extract, that's something we generally go see a specialist for, not our regular ep/cardiologist. 


by Benjijohn - 2020-05-03 13:03:30

Thanks Tracey_E. Thinking about doing the same right after we hopefully get a break from coronavirus

Lead sticking out into skin

by Selwyn - 2020-05-03 16:36:14

It is most unlikely that the lead will suffer. They are made to be flexible and move with your body. I swim regularly which brings the leads I can feel coming out of my PM in contact with my collar bone when my arm is fully extended in front of my head. If I really lift up my arm, the PM box itself is stopped from moving upwards by my collar bone. Many miles of swimming and the lead is still functioning ( though I must admit one of them is not as good as it was!).

I would be more concerned about skin erosion ( this causes redness, and pain, eventually ulceration at the site of the pressure. ).  If the skin looks OK, it is OK, in spite of the bulge. Should you develop symptoms and signs over the skin, I would seek help fairly quickly. 

It is good to have a little extra length in the lead as this allows for full arm extension. When my PM was being inserted the cardiologist doing the surgery and I discussed how best to allow for the swimming and she left a 'little extra' on the length. As I raise my arm high the leads do cause a bulge in the skin. All is well. 


Thank you Selwyn

by Benjijohn - 2020-05-04 01:57:29

Your reply is exactly what my doctors have told me. Hopefully all will be fine till the next battery change

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