right shoulder rehab with pacemaker

Hi had a pacemaker implanted Aug 2019, right shoulder replacement March 6,2020.  Now in rehab phase.  The problem i have is when using left hand to move right shoulder.  Causing my pacemaker to feel like it is moving.  Have had to use left hand in a different position so it does not cross the pacemaker.  The PT gal said no others have had this problem.  When pulling on the pulley have to turn my left hand away from my body.  Am a thin person and can feel the pacemaker near the surface, between the collarbone and armpit.

    Am doing quite well now driving and almost able to do most things. Just not allowed to lift more then 5 pounds, scratch my back, raise my hand  above my head.  Another 8 weeks of rehab.  



Depends a bit what you mean by PM moving

by crustyg - 2020-04-30 11:46:40

Many people with PMs placed outside or above the pectoral muscles can see and feel the PM, some more easily than others.  Usually the PM is anchored to the bottom or back of the pocket with a single, strong, non-absorbable stitch or suture, but this doesn't stop the PM from swinging forward or moving around, at least not completely.  The stitch is there to stop the PM from turning over and twisting the lead(s) and to stop it migrating around your chest area under your skin.  It's quite common to be able to move the PM well away from the chest, especially when leaning forwards, and it will move around a little as you exercise.

Pardon me if I've misunderstood your post, but you seem to be saying that the sensation of your PM moving when using your L hand to move your R shoulder is stopping you from doing this exercise/re-hab movement.  Unless it's (really) painful, it shouldn't stop you, as some PM movement is normal.  Twinges of pain from the pocket are also common in the first months after implantation, and these can be quite sharp at first: we quickly learn which movements bring on the most discomfort from the pocket, but over time the twinges become less and less.

I think you should let your physiotherapist guide you here - the shoulder rehab is really important and those muscles around the joint need the movement and stretching.



by new to pace.... - 2020-04-30 12:36:49

i meant that i noticed what felt like it moved.  I know it does not.  As have been reading other posts on this subject.

 Just move my left arm in  differnent way not the way one does when doing PT on right arm.  Pt commented on this new way and said it is ok to do the moving of the right arm using a different way.  She said in case she is not there one day and i have another person.  This information will be in her notes., to keep doing the  way it works for me.


Sounds good

by crustyg - 2020-04-30 15:25:33

Sorry I haven't added any value here then!

Sounds as though you have it well under control.

Best wishes.

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