Still feeling dizzy

Hey guys, I'm 21 years old and just over a month ago I was diagnozed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome with symptoms of dizzyness or foggy mind as they call it. I had an ablation 4 weeks ago but had a complication which put me into complete heart block for just over 2 weeks during which my dizziness became much worse and I felt extremely tired.

5 days ago I had a His pacemaker implanted and my heart rythm seems to be normal but I still feel a bit dizzy like I did before the ablation and find it difficult to concentrate. Is this a normal symptom during the recovery period or is there something the doctors could have missed? Thanks!


Not enough information, I think.

by crustyg - 2020-04-21 14:01:25


Hi: The dizziness in WPW is usually from reduced cardiac output during a tachycardia episode - there isn't enough time for proper ventricular filling so although the ventricles are contracting extremely quickly the overall effect is *less* blood pumped.  There is also the very serious issue that blood supply to the heart muscle itself only occurs during diastole - when the heart muscle is relaxed.  Combine this with possibly reduced aortic pressure and the heart muscle can quickly get into serious trouble - even at your age.

Post-ablation you have CHB and a pacer - but I think it's very likely that you're not getting the heart rate that you need, *probably* because your PM is running at default or near default settings, which may not be providing proper 'replication' of your SA node impulses to your His bundle.  What is your measured pulse while you feel dizzy?  Are you counting this with a finger on your carotid artery (or femoral artery)?

The other, rather obvious thought is that perhaps the His-bundle lead has become dislodged - and your heart rate should show this.

I could theorise more, but remote diagnosis is rarely wise.  I would have expected you to feel much better immediately after your PM implant.  I think you should call your EP team, if you haven't completely lost confidence in them!


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