I wonder if I can do the 1st and 2nd exercise in the video with the broom stick because I have a pacemaker attach near my left colarbone.not sure if its safe because i dont want the lead to snap or move on wrong position.I want to do this because i have terrible round shoulder and its making my posture bad aslo my doctor said not to do intensive work out and avoid exercise that have to much repetetive movement on the side of my pacemaker so im not sure what to do also what amount is not intense .Thanks



Exercise with a PM

by Selwyn - 2020-04-16 07:15:05

Pacemaker leads are inserted with some slack to allow you to move freely. 

There should be no fear of you pulling on your leads or dislodging them given that your PM was implanted last year. 

It is really difficult to pull out pacemaker leads from the heart as the leads are eventually incorporated by design and body reaction into the heart's muscle. 

Personally, I swim front crawl- this means my arms are fully extended in line with my head. By the time you have been swimming a few miles per week for many years, you realise your PM leads are good for exercise.

Enjoy your exercise. Keep fit.


ditto selwyn

by Tracey_E - 2020-04-16 09:46:32

Just the opposite of yours, my doctor has encouraged me to do what it takes to stay fit with no restrictions. I've been paced 26 years next month, have never held back, have never damaged anything. If you were training excessively it's possible repetitive movements could cause some wear and tear to the leads, but just staying fit will not. 


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