Hi i had pacemaker on christmas eve 2019  and had first check in march,all is ok.been working hard in garden and took my pulce and it seems to only be running at 52 or 53 beats per this ok or do i need to get checked out now.My next check is in May.thank you,Martyn.


Make a call

by Narelle - 2020-04-09 20:14:27

Hi Martyn,  my pacemaker is set at minumum 60 and they just turned my maximum up to 160, never been over about 120 before... so its a new thing after having pacemakers for over 40 years.   

If it was me i would definately make a phone call to my doctor or pacemaker technician (if you have his number), and if you have a remote monitor send a trace.  Mine was playing up last month it was dropping to 60 when I needed 120 to get up a hill, that wasnt right, (felt like I was going to collapse) so they sent me a little doovalckie thingy to put up on the pacemaker so it told the pacemaker to record the event at the time it happened and they were able to determine what was happening..   Organised an out of clinic appointment to reset it.. 

Obviously it depends on what is wrong with your heart and what sort of pacemaker and settings they have put it out... usually when u get your first one they just set it on a general rate and then see how you go with it and make changes at your next appointment.   

If your worried or dont feel right make a call !   Cheeers Narelle 

PS I bought an Apple watch so i just press a button and it takes my pulse.. handy to have.. 

Low heart rate

by AgentX86 - 2020-04-09 22:45:16

How did you check your pulse.  My guess is that you're having PVCs or PACs that's causeing "missed beats".  Actually, they're not missing just happen before the ventricles are fully filled, so weak - weak enough that you don't feel them in your wrist.  This can cause anything counting the pulse, including your finger, to go whacky.  With your finger, though, you should be able to feel the "missing" beats.

If you have a remote box, use it when this is happening.  Your EP should be able to tell you what's going on immediatly.  If I'm right and it is PVCs or PACs, it's almost always benign and nothing to worry about.  OTOH, you need to know what it is.  There is a small possibility that it's more serious.  Your PM probably won't record it so you'll have to catch iyour heart in the act.

Low HR?

by Graham M - 2020-04-11 17:33:59

Hi Martyn,

I had my PM implanted in August last year and my minimum rate was initially set at 60bpm, but at my first check-up, it was reduced to 55 to make sure my heart was doing as much of the work as possible. My heart rate rarely goes that low, but it has on a couple of occasions when I have been very relaxed. Once, it went as low as 47 without any ill effects.  Perhaps you should check with your  clinical electrophysiologist to see what your settings are -  it may be that 52 or 53 is not too bad.

You don't say why you have a PM or whether you are on any medication.  Some drugs such as beta-blockers are given to lower the heart rate.  If you are on anything like this, you may need your dosage reviewed.

Best wishes,


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