Severe back and stomach pain

My husband had a Defibrillator put in December 2019. Since then he has been having severe back and stomach pain. Has anyone else experienced this after having their Defibrillator put in? Thank you in advance. 


I would seek advice

by Gemita - 2020-03-21 21:58:29

Dear Debbie, this is not normal.  Has your husband consulted a doctor? If his pain is severe  as you suggest then it really needs to be investigated.  Has your husband had any investigations for this to rule out other causes other than defibrillator implant ?

I do hope for the very best

Back, stomach pain

by AgentX86 - 2020-03-21 22:15:10

What does his EP/cardiologist say?  It's probably "normal" but it's something his cardio team needs to know about and take seriously.  It's probably nothing but it probably needs to be checked out.

Another possibility is pain comming from some sort of damage from the catheter or leads when they were placed into the heart.  The esophagus is just behind the heart and pain coming from the heart could feel like they're coming from the stomach.  Same deal with the back.  During one of my ablations it felt like someone was writing on my back with a woodburning iron.  That one was no fun. 

Again, his cadio team should know about this he's only a couple of months from his surgery.

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