Bundle block, 3 rd wire “moved”

Just had a 3 wire pacemaker 2 weeks ago

i thought the 3rd wire was to help my left bundle branch 

now it has moved and I have to have an electrocardiograph. I guess to see if I still have the bundle

has anyone else experienced this?


3rd wire

by AgentX86 - 2020-03-10 22:26:24

The third lead makes your pacemaker a "CRT" (i.e. Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy).  The third lead is put in the left ventricle to synchronize its contractions with those of the right ventricle.  Your pacemaker would work perfectly well without it but there is a possibility of an enlarged heart caused by the dyssynchrony between the ventricles. 

The left budle is a set of neves along the left side of the heart that carries the electrical signal along the left ventrical.  This group of nerves doesn't work (well) in your case.  The third wire has very little to do with your LBB (Left Branch Block), rather to help synchronize the ventricles.


by soccer22 - 2020-03-12 00:19:06

Can you tell me your symptoms that led them to identify the third wire was not in place?

3rd wire

by Ph3iron - 2020-03-12 12:17:20

Thanks to all. I guess I dont know the difference between left bundle branch block and synchronisation.

I have an EKG today and will learn more I hope.

3rd wire

by Ph3iron - 2020-03-13 11:00:11

Thanks to all. 

The EKG cleared everything up. The wire had moved, wasnt doing anything and they cut the battery to it off.

I have to go back in a couple of weeks to see how I feel and discuss next steps. Alternate surgery etc

On a smaller pacemaker question.

Can I really not put an ipod nano in my chest pocket? 

Thanks to all again


3rd wire

by Ph3iron - 2020-03-13 15:28:39

I should have looked in the forum.

Its ok to have your nano in your chest pocket

Thanks to all again

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