PM optimization

About 4 years ago, I was on the table - wired up - while the Doc, whose specialty was echocardiography, stood behind the sonographer and barked orders to the device nurse to do this, then that, then the other thing.  After about 20 minutes, both the the Doc and the sonographer simultaneously shouted, "ALL RIGHT!!!!"  Doc had fined tuned my 3-lead to a "T" and I felt great.  He retired last year and I haven't found another with the "echocardiography" label on his/her business card.  I recenty asked my heart failure Doc "Dr. A has retired. As far as reading an echo he was number 1.  Who is number 2 in your organization?  He barked back, "We're ALL number two!!"  ................................................Yeah, right.  Anyone out there looking for an optimization, look for an echocardiologist.


BTW: We all here have seen the credentials after any Docs name.  We know what a electrophysiologist is, and many are skilled. For a PM optimization, you want a Doc with this credential :  "FASE" - Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography. -  You want someone who can accurately "READ" an echo. Even a place like the TCAI lacks Docs with this credential.

Another BTW: In my search, I've found "zero" Docs in the Austin, TX area with this credential. On the other hand, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN lists 38 Docs as members with the FASE credential.


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