Multiple allergies

As I have stated before, I have multiple allergies to components in the leads and pacemaker. The vein which contains the leads has collapsed, fluid around my heart, fluid built up on my left side of my body. Polyurethane leads can be put in, but I will still be allergic to the tips or ends of the leads.There was a pouch found in California to put the pacemaker in. All of this would eliminate most of my allergies. Health Canada has refused to let me have the pouch from California. I'm very upset about this. Canada is so far behind the USA and Europe. I will be admitted in to the hospital on March 13th for a week. They are going to try remove the leads from the collapsed vein and put a temporary pacemaker on the outside (which can't touch my skin) to try and let my chest and heart heal from the allergic reactions I've had. I'm feeling kinda down and upset with Health Canada. Please someone talk to me. I could use some input and support 


Multiple allergies

by Gemita - 2020-02-28 19:22:24

Domkin, hello and I am so sorry to hear all about your difficulties.  I cannot understand your health authorities not allowing you to have the pouch from California, especially as it would help to solve most if not all of your allergies. 

I am in the UK and attend a main London hospital.  I have to say I have never heard of someone being allergic to a pacemaker or the leads.  It does seem to be quite rare and you are very unlucky. What were your main symptoms and how quickly did your doctors diagnose you with multiple allergies to the pacemaker/lead materials ??

I wish you lots of luck for March 13th and hope that your lead removal will be successful and you will start to feel better soon.

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