Reach left to right

DDD Medtronic PM placed 1/2/2020, left side. When I reach left to right to bath my right shoulder my PM binds up. Is it safe for me to reach left to right like that? Is that risky in any way or should I just do whatever as long as it doesn't hurt? 
really not sure how active and how much I can just ignore it and do whatever I want with my arm or if I need to be cautious with certain movements. Doc office just says I have no restrictions. I still get what I think are shoulder joint pain from keeping my arm immobile  for too long during recovery. 



Move it

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-27 08:08:55

Your doctor said "no restrictions". Go with it.

You shouldn't have kept immobile.  Big mistake. There is nothing you can do to it now, short of a full golf swing or, perhaps, a tennis serve. Some EPs don't want patients to do these motions for six months. Others have no problems with them. There 6differences between individuals too but your doctor said "no restrictions".

Keep moving.

by Graham M - 2020-02-27 19:39:40

After 4 weeks, your leads should be well and truly embedded in your heart, and you can move your  arm as much as you like.  My EP told me not to swing a golf club or lift anything too heavy for 6 months, but as AgentX86 says - we are all different and EP's have different opinions.

If your shoulder is still painful, try making circular movements with it several times a day.  This helped me in the early stages and is, apparently, a good way to prevent frozen shoulder which I am told is etremely painful.


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