Palpertations after PM implanted

I had a PM implanted about 6 weeks ago.  Since it was done I have been experiencing palpertations or fluttering and also some light headedness.  I spoke to both my Cardioelectrian and the Cardioligest about this.  The surgeon who intalled it said there is nothing wrong and the charts show a good rythm.  The Cardioligest had me wear a monitor for 5 days and said it showed everything was good.  The thing is I never had this problem before the PM.  Has anybody ever heard of this after a PM was implanted.




I have the same thing

by cagedliberty - 2020-02-26 21:21:04

I am having similar symptoms for the past week and I am nine weeks post pacemaker implant. Palpitations and chest pain on the left side have been bothering me and when I called the pacemaker clinic, they said that the heart monitor readings didn't trigger any alerts.

Today, I used my sons Apple Watch to check my heart rate. When I was standing, it was averaging 108bpm. My sitting rate was  averaging 78bpm. As someone with bradycardia, this makes no sense but explains my palpitations. 
I am going to see my doctor this Friday and if they figure anything out, I will let you know in case it helps you too.

I hope you feel better soon!

PVC's & Palpatations

by Good Dog - 2020-02-26 21:44:19

I have had palpations frequently in the past They can be quite disturbing when they occur, but are relatively harmless. They don't seem to show-up on the interrogation and my doc said; "not to worry".

BTW: There are a lot of devices to monitor your pulse that are not trustworthy. I am unsure about the Apple watch.

Palpatations after PM implant

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-26 22:59:15

Implanting a pacemaker is an assault on the heart and it's not unusual at all for it to be POed for a while.  Some also have a little trouble getting used to pacing so palpatations aren't at all unusual. They're primarily PVC or PACs but could be just about anything.  Neither are dangerous as long as it's not more than 30% or so of heartbeats.  They feel like hell, though. BTDT.

In my case they were bigeminal (meaning "every other") PVCs.  PVCs are so normal in "healthy" hearts that pacemakers don't even register them unless there is a long string of them (my pacemaker can't be set to register less than five in a row).  Since mine was bigeminal, it couldn't register them as an arrythmia.  However, when it happened, I did push the button on my remote box and was able to catch my heart in the act.  The PM tech and my EP then told me what it was and not to worry about it.

I was told to make sure I kept hydrated (usually happened an hour or two after going to the gym) and take magnesium (forget magnesium oxide, it's only good as a sun block - take one of the organic types).  My EP olso had my heart rate increased to 80bpm to "outpace" the PVCs.  I rarely have problems now.  They're now rare and occur only durnign the nigh when my PM throttles back to 50bpm.


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