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I have a unique situation. Had an internal monitor put in in 2017, my heart stopped, so I was scheduled for a pacemaker at which time the monitor was supposed to be removed. I was half awake during procedure and cardiologist dropped the monitor and could not retrieve at that time it was in my chest after lots of denials and no mention on the surgery report, the monitor started moving (no pain and felt no movement) eventually monitor made its way to my breast, where it made a 180 degree turn last year.  My main concern is the battery, it has now been almost 3 years, since it is a 2 year monitor I don't suppose the battery life is too long. Monitor is deep in the tissue and surgeons are reluctant to "poke around for it" their words. I maybe worrying needlessly just would rather not have an acid leak in my breast.


Reveal Linq implant ?

by Gemita - 2020-02-14 04:46:05

Hello are you referring to the initial implantable monitor (Reveal Linq ILR) which is no bigger than a small memory stick ?

I had one implanted and they did not remove it at the time of my pacemaker implant since I had not consented (signed) for it to be removed at the same time.  I went back eventually to have it explanted with no difficulty.  Mine was positioned left pectoral region (left breast).

I believe many patients and their doctors decide not to have it removed because explantation carries some risk, especially if the monitor moves out of its original position as yours has done and explant becomes difficult.

I believe some manufacturers suggest that it is safe to leave well alone. Mine was in for almost 4 years and my doctors were initially reluctant to remove it as a separate procedure. But like you, I didnt like the idea of thinking what could happen over the years with an expired battery even though I was told it was perfectly safe and completely sealed.  

Medtronic suggest in their manual ‘Remove the device when it is no longer needed, when the battery is depleted, or before burial or cremation’  (Never incinerate the device because of the risk of explosion).

There is limited evidence relating to leaving the ILR in place or removing once monitoring is complete but review of current practice follows patient preference, removal at completion of battery life or removal once diagnosis is reached.  The choice is yours although I would be inclined to find another team of professionals to explant it since your experience so far has been rather concerning.



by gettingrunaround - 2020-02-14 11:01:05

Yes Gemita, it is a Reveal Linq Implant. I appreciate your response, I will be continuing my quest for removal as I do not like it moving around.

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