Blood clots

I have developed two blood clots, one in the subclavian vein and one in the inner jugular vein. They are causing my left arm to be discolored, swollen and some pain. PM was implanted a little over a year ago along with a follow up av node Ablation. The PM needs to be moved as it repositioned itself too close to my arm. But at this point that is secondary to treating the blood clot problem. Scary. Anyone else had to deal with blood clots?


Subclavian Thrombosis

by Selwyn - 2020-02-09 07:46:34

Sorry to hear of your distressing symptoms due to thrombosis.

I have had some experience of dealing with this problem, though not on the receiving end.

It is important that a physician check you for  clotting disorders. Some of these are also associated with other general type illnesses.

You should be anticoagulated.

You should not be a smoker. 

The swelling of the arm ( lymphoedema) can be helped by elevation of the arm and specialist compression therapy. Here in the UK we have specialist nurses  that can help ( lymphoedema nurses) and you can get specialised hoisery.

Your problem is a known complication of pacemaker insertion. You are very unfortunate and our sympathy is with you.

Best wishes.

Blood clots

by Hummingbird - 2020-02-09 17:21:21

Thanks for the response. A hematologists is directing my care for the clots. I have the factor v Leiden gene and experienced dvts in the past but many years ago and already knew what to do and expect. The down side is that the Eloquis was not adequate and I will need to be on the Coumadin the rest of my life and right now we are still trying to reach the correct dosage. Back on levonox shots and checking inr again tomorrow. They are checking to see if they can get an exception for me to have my own machine so I don’t have to make the trip twice a week to the medical center. General rule seems to be that you have to be on the inr monitoring for 6 months before qualifying for your own machine.        Thanks for the good wishes. 

Blood Clots

by Good Dog - 2020-02-09 20:59:11

I haven't had any blood clot issues to deal with, so I can't help much. However, I just want to offer a little moral support. Seems like you have beeen through a lot in the last year, but are bravely doing everythng that you can. Hang-in there and know that it will get better. You are in my thoughts. 

I wish you nothing but the very best!



Blood clots

by Hummingbird - 2020-02-10 00:40:50

Thanks,Good Dog, for the moral support. That is really helpful right now. 

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