Biventricular ICD 100% pacemaker dependent. and Fitbit

I have a Fitbit Versa 2. I had a dual chamber ICD Oct 2018 until feb 2020. Now due to all treatment failures. I have a Biventricular ICD with 100% dependent on pacemaker.  That alone scares me Worry about battery failure and wires displacing. I noticed my Fitbit does not measure HR accurately. When I had dual Chamber ICD, it was fairly accurate. Fitbit couldn't really help as they have not studied the pacemarkers with their devices. This is what they told me today. Any suggestions.

Also if you are 100% dependent on pacemaker how was your adjustmen. I am a little nervous.Thank you.




by AgentX86 - 2020-02-08 16:33:59

That's understandable but the alternative isn't very good either.  I look at the choices given and am comfortable with the fact that I made the choice and live (very well) with the results.  Yes, I'm pacemaker dependent too.  The difference is that I chose to be dependent.  I needed a pacemaker because the antiarrhythmics damaged my SI node but  I chose to go the extra step to dependency.

I had absolutely no problem accepting the pacemaker (also a biventricular or CRT-P).  Piece of cake and I instantly felt better (perhaps even euphoric).

Forget FitBits or any other toys.  Yes, I have one but use it as a toy.  It doesn't give me any useful information other than what I could find with a simple pedometer and watch.  The PulseOx type sensor just isn't reliable on a watch (it's sliding all over the wrist).

The chances are that you have an "escape rhythm" that will take over if your PM fails (highly unlikely) .  There are several sources of this "escape hythm".  They'll test you for it during your PM interrogations (I failed).

Biventricular ICD 100% pacemaker dependent. and Fitbit

by marie54 - 2020-02-08 18:05:58

Thank you so much for your comments.  I had no other option either and you are right, it is better than the alternative. A Fib caused heart failure and EF 35%. Failed all other treatments so this hopefully will help. Thanks again.


by Lady Lee - 2020-02-08 19:19:53

I'm confused as I've been told I'm pacemaker dependent and told I'm not.  My pulse is about 30 without pm but was recently told I'm pacemaker dependent I guess my pm works 100% of the time?

Pacemaker dependent

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-08 22:28:41

Being pacemaker dependent and 100% paced aren't the same thing.  100% paced means that the pacemaker always paces faster than the heart would naturally. 

"Pacemaker dependent"  has a couple (if not more) definitions.  It generally means that without artificial pacing the heart doesn't beat; no escape rhythm (not good).  A little looser definition is that the heart won't beat fast enough to maintain consiousness. Ectopics ("escape rhythm") will be enough to maintain life but not consiousnes. During a PM interrogation they generally test for dependency. Well, they do for those of us who are dependent anyway.  The test basically runs the heart rate down until an escape rhythm takes over.  They aren't allowed to run the rate down below 30bpm because it would be dangerous, so this is often the definition of being "dependent".

BTW, I did have a choice.  I needed a pacemaker, in any case, but I could either live with permanent flutter or have an AV/His node ablation and not only have a pacemer but be dependent on it. Living with the flutter was an alternative, without a choice.  I couldn't sleep and was basically worthless when I was in flutter.   The drugs were killing me, so...

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