MRI update

Finally have MRI  for shoulder scheduled for in the morning.  Seems i got caught up in some type of Glitch. To update everyone, Had started this process on Jan 22nd,2020 and now it is Feb 6,2020.  Decided it was not working to contact the scheduling and so went on the hospitals website and looked up other numbers ended up contacting the Adminstration for Radiology Dept.  They refaxed the release form to the cardiologist and then called to see if they recieved it.  Asked  them not to wait  their normal amount of time, but to send back immediately and they did. 

The supervisor called me back , she will check into what happened.  She also said yes they still need a release  from the Cardio or EP in case things have changed.  As some people have not been seen in a while.





by AgentX86 - 2020-02-07 12:40:20

I went through the same thing in October/November. Hospital admins aren't the brightest bulbs. In your case, you might need to see a cardiologist before he'll sign off. Your PM card isn't likely to impress anyone. The cardiologist has to sign off on the MRI compatibility.

MRI update

by new to pace.... - 2020-02-07 14:07:23

did not need to see him.   Faxed it back as you as he signed it.  

MRI is now done saw the same gal who did the first    introgration  Dec 2019.  did tell me had  paced 50% of the time which i thought interesting as this past one in Dec had paced 69% of the time.  well the next remote is scheduled for Feb 20,2020 .

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