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I am 3 weeks post pacemaker placement & have been to EP & my regular cardiologist fir check-up, also the nurse to check my BP, which is elevated.  I ran a fever one day last week with high white blood cells- went to ER & they ruled out serious infections (blood cultures, echocardiogram, triponon all negative).   I bled quite a bit during the emergency procedure - had been on daily baby aspirin - had massive bruising & swelling.  Skin over pacemaker still feels a little warmer to the touch but no outward signs of infection.  Nurse at cardiologist indicated this may be due to inflammation which could take a few more weeks to subside.  Anyone experience something similar?   I will go back to the cardiologist who put in the pacemaker to have a look!


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by heckboy - 2020-02-02 03:24:27

What happened that your PM was an emergency proceedure? 

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