I received my pacemaker on 1-24-20. My first question is if everyone is told to restrict movement above your shoulder for a full 6 week period? Also, my device was inserted on the right side so I certainly restrict my movements on that side but not so much on the left. Does this sound correct to everyone? 
I'm also wondering if you are aware of your pacemaker engaging?


Shoulder movements after PM insertion.

by Selwyn - 2020-01-31 10:53:58

There is no factual evidence that restricting shoulder movements have any bearing of outcome following PM insertion.

Medical information varies from hospital to hospital.

You should do what is comfortable. You don't want to be stretching the scar  and especially until the wound has healed. Extreme shoudler movement may be best avoided as this can pull on the scar. Wound strenght is 90% by 6 weeks.


Restriction of shoulder movements can lead to a frozen shoulder.

You can use the other shoulder ( on the side not involving the implant) freely. 

By 'engaging', do you mean an aweness of the pacing beat?

Body sensations are hightened after the anxiety of having a pacemaker.

Pacing threshold voltage may need to be adjusted.


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