Infection forces PM removal.

What a balls-up! 6 week post op and have just had pacemaker removed yesterday because of infection concerns.

Wound hadn't healed and stitches were visible below scab. Tests showed no infection from swab/blood/echo tests but doc wasn't happy with it so as a precaution leads and device have been taken out.

Plan is to let the wound heal and pop a new one in on right side of chest, hopefully in a month or so. Fortunately have been allowed home until then.

Gutted as was just getting back to normal.

Anyone else had this problem? Apparently its quite uncommon.

Its a dual chamber SJM device. UK based.

Regards, Dan.



My Confidence Would be Shaken

by Swangirl - 2020-01-28 12:34:52

I understand in the UK you may not have as many choices for a medical provider as we have here in the U.S.  This is very serious from my perspective.  After your heart was stabbed with two leads it's now ripped out after six weeks when scar tissue definitely formed and this doctor will get another chance to do it better.  I would not stay with him or her.  I don't think infection or a do-over is common.  Maybe that's how they are selling it to you but I think you deserve better.  If I were you I would definitely not let this person try again.  

Prevention of infection is very important

by crustyg - 2020-01-28 13:46:33

My EP doc's cardiac lab insist on MSSA/MRSA screening for *all* patients going into the treatment room for ablations and PM implantations - and agressive treatment for those found to be carrying Staph Aureus - 4% chlorhexidine body scrub, clean towels post shower, nasal antibiotics.  Sigh!

Skin cleaning was a *lot* more thorough than for ablation catherisation, careful single-use of two separate applicators and careful air drying of the alcohol-based skin cleanser.

Really sorry for you to have gone through this, but at least it was recognised and prompt action taken.  Left a bit longer could have been even more serious.

As you say, an infection of the PM pocket/skin wound is uncommon - and in this day and age it should be.

Best wishes for the re-do.

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