Post heart transplant

I had a Medtronic ICD while I had an LVAD while I was on the transplant list. The ICD gave me alot of shoulder pain and now I have recieved my transplant 11 months ago and they removed the ICD I have severe shoulder and arm pain still after Excersise and be patient to return to a bareable pain. now it is progressed into dibilatating cramps at times. I spent 2 days in the hospital and all they could tell me that I was dehydrated. they ran MRI and ECG tests to ensure nothing was going on there. I just wanted to ask the Folks out there if they have had the same cramping issues and if I should do next?

Sincerly and thankful Heart recipient



by AgentX86 - 2020-01-26 00:34:04

 I haven't had cramps in the shoulder or because of my PM but dehydration can certainly cause them.  The issue is electrolyte depletion (sodium, potassium, and magnesium).  Get tested for them and take Mg suppliments (no need for sodium/table with a normal diet and potassium suppliments are by prescription - overdose is possible and it's really bad for the heart). If your kidneys are damaged you may be deficient in any/all of the above.


by Mrclassy - 2020-01-26 20:33:59

Maybe get a MRI could be something different then your heart. I do myself have a question about heart transplants do you have to keep getting them every couple years or is it for life? Do you have to take meds forever after?? How don't feel now as far as your heart ?

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