Second Pacemaker

I just received my second pacemaker, I had my first one for almost 8 years. This one is an ICD and I received it on 1/3/20. A couple of days after surgery I'm having these twitches in my lower left abdomen. Its not all the time, mostly when I'm sitting or scrunched over. There is no pain, but it is really annoying. I have my post-op appointment on 1/15/20. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this occurance. Hopefully I'll gets some answers next week. Thanks


Left side noise

by Rockpainter - 2020-01-10 15:23:33

I had my ICD placed in July and I still have rumbling and gurgling at times. Was told nothing to fear. So, I don't. It slows a great bit as time goes on. I think we are just more aware of our body's noises now. I know I am!!!! I hope you feel great !!!!!



by AgentX86 - 2020-01-11 12:43:12

Often the leads run close to the diaphragm and pace it as well as the heart. The solution is often to just turn down the juice going to the PM.  It's common to crank up the pacing voltage for the first month, until the leads are well set, then turn it back to what's really needed (to save battery life).  It's common for this higher voltage to pace the diaphragm (it's a muscle, the same as the heart). When you scrunch over, the lead probably moves and you get the twitches.  Talk to your EP or device tech.  It's probably an easy fix.

belly bumps

by dwelch - 2020-01-11 20:18:30

I think the nurse called that belly bumps when she asked if I had them.  I have a three lead pacer, not an ICD but same deal.  I have to be standing, breath out a certain amount, be standing a certain way and will get them.  I have had them in other positions.  Right leads dont necessarily have this problem but the left can closer to other muscles.  If they have wiggle room they can lower the juice as mentioned above to that lead and reduce the chance of it happening.  if it is happening all the time or if it is something you cant deal with then call them right away.  I wish I could make it happen on demand that would be a cool party trick, I find it amusing and fun not a distraction.

you can call them at any time, describe it to them and they can confirm/deny that this is what is going on they can bring you in early before your next scheduled visit.  you can wait for the next visit and they might happen to ask before you mention it if not you can certainly mention it then.  I would recommend mentioning it before they completely disconnect you from the interrogation machine, as the tech may want to go talk to the doc and not have to re-connect you if they want to change the settings during that visit.

Twitchy & Belly Bumps

by vin4luisa - 2020-01-20 00:02:26

Wow, got my 3rd PM on 12/18/2019 and have the same problem as Twitchy & Belly Bumps. In my case it happens lying on my back or on my left side. I can miminize the condition my sleeping on my right side but I can't do this all night.

The Doc says nothing to worry about and I should tell the device tech on my next checkup in Feb 2020. Very annoying and never had the problem with my last 2 PM's. I have a St Jude PM2272.  I hope Twitchy is right with his prognosis.

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