first checkup

I had my PM implanted Dec.11,2019. I go tomorrow for my first cardiologist follow up appointment (I have seen my PCP already). I am hopeful my driving restrictions will be lifted. I got a little anxious yesterday when I was lightheaded for about 15 minutes and my pulse went to 118 just walking, but it went away fairly quickly, but will mention it to my doctor. Much of the time I dont think about the PM and go about my day. Caught myself strecthing my left arm above my head a few times and waiting for the microwave to finish up while standing in front of it. looking forward to increasing activity and exercise soon. I'm thankful to have this forum. It has helped  calm my anxieties and the feeling that I'm alone in this. My family is very supportive but they don't quite get things like the people here do. Hoping 2020 for all is healthy and happy!!!


First checkup

by AgentX86 - 2020-01-03 00:38:36

You haven't filled in your profile so there isn't a lot to go on but I was only told not to drive for a week after.  There may be some reason, other than the PM, why you are being told differently. It may be directed by your DMV.

Your rate spiking like that could be PACs or PVCs (it wasn't your PM), or even AF/AFL.  If you catch it on your remote box it would help your EP figure out what's going on.


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