Cardio or specialist physician? Possible infection...again!

Hi all I sit 11 months post-implant of second PM (first removed due to staph epidermidise infection 6 years ago) feeling suspicious....and fed up.

I have not been feeling great for a good 6 months but do not do well with Doctors and make like an ostrich!

I finally went to my GP and was diagnosed with pleurisy just below the PM site. Have completed the full set of Augmentin bombs and still little relief, though pain is better. Still feel oxygenless and lethargic with chills and night sweats. Some aches and referred pain from the PM site but no redness, heat etc.

This feels so much like the last took 9 months to get a diagnosis and I was constantly told it was all in my subconscious!

I have been waiting for all the specialists to get back from their holidays. Wondering if it would be best to see the specialist physician instead of the cardio as he was the one to push for a diagnosis the last time when the cardia was sure nothing was wrong.

Opinions, please.



by Gemita - 2019-12-29 13:34:09

how you must be feeling.  I have been through a similar experience (not involving the chest) when I was told it was all in my head, but I fought back and was finally diagnosed through biopsy alone, since bloods and other tests frustratingly kept coming back "negative".

In your case, having already suffered a staph epidermidise infection which is generally hospital acquired and seems common among device patients, it is important to find the organism responsible for the infection and to make sure that it is appropriately treated this time, if indeed it is the same infection.   There is so much antibiotic resistance today and it may need to be treated with a different medication (or IV medication).  My mother was given Vancomycin since Augmentin just didn't help.  

I would seek advice from your specialist physician since he/she will likely look at the complete picture and refer you back to the Cardiology team if needed.  Did your GP diagnose pleurisy through physical examination alone or did he/she carry out other investigations ?  Pleurisy can take a long time to settle and usually a short course of an anti inflammatory and/or an antibiotic is sufficient to bring relief but if it isn't, further investigation is necessary.

I do hope you get some relief soon and please let us know what your doctors say.  Whatever happens, keep pushing for answers since if it is an infection around your pacemaker site, it may need treating urgently to avoid future complications.


by shirley d - 2019-12-29 13:41:56

Thanks for listening Gemita. I will wait for the medical fraternity to get back from leave as I am not going to a locum. I think you are right and the specialist physician is best. Him I trust as he was the only one to believe me last time.

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