Pacemaker and lead extraction

At the end of this week I am scheduled for a complete pacer and lead extraction. This will be my second pacemaker, I only received my initial pacer 6 years ago - I'm almost 26. 

I had complications with my first surgery (mini lung puncture) so I am definitely anxious about this upcoming procedure. 

Has anyone gone through this procedure before? 

Was there anything you did before or after to help with recovery and settle nerves? 

Thanks so much! 



by Pacemaker_Sally - 2019-12-16 14:55:43

I have very similar concerns and I hope this all goes smoothly for you. The difference is that now your complications are "known" so I they can be planned for. 

as for nerves, there are some recordings of guided meditations and affirmations by Belleruth Naparstek "for Successful Surgery" that are surprisingly effective  

Is a specialist in lead extraction performing your surgery? 

The technology is extremely advanced and continuing to improve. Here's a recent article:

Get a Great Surgeon for this!

by Swangirl - 2019-12-16 15:00:21

I'm concerned that your surgeon may not be experienced enough.  The lung puncture was the first thing, now you need a lead extraction.  I would be worried that you are not getting care from someone who is experienced in these very difficult challenging procedures.  A lead extraction should be done by a team at a big medical center where they do many.  Why are you requiring this?  Was the lead not inserted correctly in the first place?  Ask questions.  Be the squeaky wheel.  Find out how many extractions your surgeon has done.

Pacemaker Leads

by Ancient1914 - 2019-12-30 19:51:08

I am on my third ICD and the lead to my RV is fractured. It has been implanted over 16 years.

I have to have my ICD replaced in 2020 and have just had a venogram to see if there is enough room in my left vein for an extra lead only to find it is blocked.

I will have to expect lead extraction and replacement but am still waiting for my specialist appointment.

Recently I had a cardioversion for AF and the cardiologist couldn't use my ICD but had to use an external device. Apparently the leads are not reliable enough now.

2020 will be interesting.

Best wishes
Ancient 1914

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