Left bundle branch block and right bundle branch block

:Hi guys and girls I'm 41 year old male with left bundle branch block and right bundle branch block going for my first pacemaker next Friday 13th December 2019

I will probably be having a Biotronik pacemaker inserted. At the moment I have a loop recorder in. I do work in car manufacturing company with a lot of spot welders. I'm in maintenance department

I DO a lot of cross fit. Any advice?

Still battling to come to terms that I need a pacemaker



by ar_vin - 2019-12-06 15:36:00

Please check with your EP (electrophysiologist) if you are a suitable candidate for a His bundle PM implant. More info on pacing the bundle of His at:


Depending on your lifestyle and activities choose the PM model carefully. Some PM brands work better for certain activities like swimming and cycling than others.

My suggestion would be to ask for the PM to be placed under the pectoral muscle if possible rather than the standard under the skin placement. The recovery with a pectoral placement could be slightly longer and a bit more painful but having got a sub pec placement myself, I highly recommend it if you're at all physically active.

Please use the search feature to find the many forum posts on these and related topics.

Since you're so young you'll be living with PMs for a very long time; best to get yourself well infomed before you go under the knife and ask hard questions now. You're doing great to actively seek out advice now!





Left Bundle Branch Block

by vhart - 2019-12-06 15:39:47


I have left bundle branch block and had very low EF.  I had a biventricular pacer installed 4 years ago.  I was lucky and my EF is now low normal. Took a bit to get used to the idea of a machine in my chest, but the bottom line is that it works.  Life is better.  Not sure if the same pacers work for right bundle branch.  



His Bundle Pacing

by AgentX86 - 2019-12-06 16:01:44

The bundle of His is above the left and right  bundles, so a PM in the His bundle won't help. This is a case where a biventricular PM is required.


by NOFEAR-ZN - 2019-12-06 16:31:10

His pacemaker is it a  special pacemaker?


Im very active with cross fit 

I will probably have Biotronik  pacemaker  since I have that brand loop recorder.

How serious is Lbbb and Rbbb ?

I also work in motor manufacturing company.

alot spot welders I repair them  I'm in maintenance






His Bundle Pacing

by AgentX86 - 2019-12-06 17:42:41

His pacing is a ventricle lead placement option. It places the ventricular lead in the "bundle of His", which is the bunch of nerves that transfer the electrical signals from the AV node to the LB and RB. Since both your LB and RB are broken, there is no point in placing the leads in the His bundle. The signal still wouldn't get to the ventricles.

LBB and RBB are serious enough. Your heart will still beat but at a very low rate. It's not going to get better. LBB + RBB is more or less the same as a complete heart block.

How big are the motors? How close do you work fo them? How much current does the welding equipment deliver? Your best answer will come from your EP. You can also look up the recommendations from the PM's website.


by Pacer2019 - 2019-12-06 21:27:31

I think definiteky explore the under the pec suggestion ..... if only under the skin when doing OLY lifts ( front squat - cleans ) it will be something to be aware of- probably manageable but just something to consider.

there is a lady on here who has been paced for sometime that actively xfits...... she is an excellent resource concerning such a matter .

i was active in it until my family felt I was behaving cultish and they did an intervention on me ! Lol 😂-  I would show up an hour early, warm up/stretch so I would be ready for the warm up .... then stick around an hour after class to strength train - I was exercising so I could get better at ..... exercise lol 😂.  

I wish you the very best and you have a huge advantage being fit as your recovery will be that much smoother ! You will be WODDING in no time !!  

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