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I would like some advice from people with same problem.My boyfriend who is 41 now has had a heart episode which left him with a heart failure (his heart is working 30% now)..and has arrythmia problem so doctor suggested to put a pacemaker...hes is very upset and scared as he was a very active person and thinks hes life is over now if he puts a pacemaker...I would appreciate very much for people with same problem to tell me how their life is after putting a pacemaker..if they have restrictions and if the can do exercise as before...thank u in advance....I am from an island Cyprus.....not many centers here helping with coping


Search for postings here about exercise

by crustyg - 2019-12-04 03:29:06

Show him some of the postings here from contributors who are active and how their PM has enabled them to resume their usual activity/sport/lifestyle, or even improve.

Damaged heart muscle is definitely going to result in some reduced ability, but not as much as he fears.  Many countries (you haven't said where you are) offer Cardiac Rehabilitation courses, which aim to help folk regain confidence in their post-heart-event life and become as active - or more active - than before.

Best wishes.


by Bionic Beat - 2019-12-04 15:51:47

The 30% you quoted is likely his Ejection Fraction or the amount of 'pumping' his heart is doing.

Normal is about 50% or in the 40s.  NOT 100% ever.

His heart has not failed by 2/3, but by  a few percentage points, enough to make him feel unwell perhaps, tired and worried.

This can all be fixed.  That's what he should focus on and work with the doctors to implant what they think is necessary.   He will feel much better when this is done and he's done some rehabbing.

I hope this helps.


Best Wishes,


Bionic Beat



Been there

by Gotrhythm - 2019-12-04 16:28:42

It's pretty common for men "in their prime" to be especially hit hard by a diagnosis of heart problems, and to react with depression, anger, and hopelessness. A feeling that their life is over. A heart problem brings up issues about 'being a man" and self-worth and all kinds of things that are very real to men but we females don't exactly get.

I went through it with my husband who was 40 when he was diagnosed. My heart goes out to him and also to you.

The main thing you need is information. You did the right thing by coming to Paccemaker Club. The more specific you can ba about his diagnosis and what the treatment plan is, the better answers we will be able to get.

For starters, to be maximally helpful to your boyfriend, since you are not married, you need to get a Medical Power of Attorney. That will enable you to have access to his test results and to discuss his case with his physician even in his absence. He can appoint more than one person Medical Power of Attorney.

Then ask for copies of all test results and visit notes. With those in hand, you can ask questions that likely someone here will be able to answer.


pacer will make him better

by dwelch - 2019-12-05 17:15:24

depending on his condition as pointed out the 30% could be EF, the pacer may not make him 100% normal, but it will make him better than he is now and be able to live life with one less thing to worry about.   if it is EF then that may be able to be brought up some with a pacer or not.   

I was a pre teen when I was diagnosed and got my first pacer at 19.  has simply kept me safe/alive since.  had my checkup this morning, could see the monitor and the veteran nurse was teaching a new nurse,  and with the device off you could easily see the heart block.  

If tracey hasnt already said so, try the education route.   Learn as much as you can, the doc shouldnt hesitate to write down the name of the problem(s) the type of pacemaker, etc.  then here or elsewhere you can research it and learn more.   there is a wealth of information here in all flavors, experience, wild ass guesses and actual experience and detailed knowledge.  more patients at this site ill bet that your bf doc will see in their whole career.

good luck.   anxiety and fear is part of this process and is perfectly normal, he will get past it and you should understand it and be supportive, cant rush it it takes a different amount of time for everyone.

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