Had implant November 2017, instant success felt really good, Went for an eight week after implant  exhamination, was told I had used up approximatly seven and half years of expected life of the battery. Devastating news, consiquently the device was turned down to conserve the battery life, On later follow ups the device was turned even more, As a result  for the past approx two years I have been having Heart Pauses when at rest this happens constantly when the pausing happen I get terrible chest pains, The only way I can stop the pauses is by actually getting up or moving about quickly, This problem may happen constantly sometimes I have to get up during the night just to move about some times I do not go back to bed. On two occations I have been addmitted inte A&E, one time three A:M. Has any other member experienced simular problems. On last visit to Heart Clinic the unit was turned to original settings but battery life would be only expected to last for a further three weeks, Again I felt GREAT again now had confirmation my next appointment would be six months time, Now started to have problems again.


There's something wrong with your leads

by crustyg - 2019-12-03 04:33:09

Your PM and battery was designed to have an expected life of around 5-7 years (unless it's the extended life == bigger battery version).

If somehow the battery life has been used up that quickly then the PM is delivering far too much current somewhere, which is why the battery has been used up.

Which would indicate that there's something wrong with your leads, as that's practically the only place that current can be going.  It's possible to damage the insulation of the leads during implantation.

You need to push them hard to explain what's happened and to commit to fixing it as part of your PM box replacement.

It's ridiculous to have a PM set so that it delivers no benefit as a desperate measure to conserve PM battery,

Make sure that a) you take a USB memory stick with you to your next PM interrogation session and insist on having *ALL* PM data copied to it, b) you take someone with you to listen and advocate with you to having this fixed.

In the USA you would have changed EP doc and reached for the lawyers by now.  This really matters.


by Gemita - 2019-12-03 07:46:07

I cannot believe what I am reading. I would ask for an immediate referral/second opinion at another hospital. Something has gone sadly wrong. I too have a Medtronic Ensura PM (implanted in early 2018) and have 7.5 yrs battery remaining and I am being almost 98% paced in atria.  You need your PM to improve your quality of life and this is clearly not happening for you.  I wish you a speedy resolve of your problem under a more caring professional team 


by Pop - 2019-12-07 18:10:30

Thank you Crustyg and Gemita for your comments, Will do as you both say, heve  conirmtion for next interrigaionis 14ty February 2020, y GP has asked for earlier appoitment but Hospital have NOT respoded

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