6 months

Today it is 6 months since my new pacemaker was installed. People ask how I feel and I am like I felt fine before.

i wish I could go back to before I had it as I felt so good. My doc gave a channel blocker because my holter monitor was a little irregular. I took it 3 days and it made me have bpm in 30’s and I felt horrible so 2 weeks later I was given a pm....

My left shoulder are still bothers me from time to time and has settled into the pocket area more.

The anxiety still haunts me but is much better! The bed part is I quit smoking 5 weeks before my pm and haven’t given in to the cravings.

i am trying to embrace this new life I have now.....

The best to you all 😃



by Kimmiee2 - 2019-12-01 10:07:55

Thanks for reminding me how far I have come. I do know how grateful one should feel just forget sometimes.

Big hugs to you all !!!!

Good news

by Pacer2019 - 2019-12-01 22:50:49

Regarding smoking ! PM May have extended your life in that respect ..... you have had an invasive but effective quit smoking program ! 

But i hear you on feeling better .... only felt bad the day I went to the ER short of breath and dizzy ..... I felt great before that . 

After being observed a few days I had a PM installed . 

After 6 weeks things seem to be settling in and I’m almost back to pre pacemaker feeling 

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