pacemaker and eczema...related?

Two weeks after PM implant I started having eczema around both night! Driving me CRAZY! I had an allergic reaction after my surgrey which resulted in welps all over me, It started in my hands and back of my neck and spread. My hands were secured with a soft foam (which I have yet to determine  if it was latex) and I had the same foam for a neck rest. At night my PR is higher (80-90).  

This is a shot in the dark but tought I'd ask. Thank you !


Definitely may be related

by crustyg - 2019-11-28 07:12:34

Talk to your EP doc and your primary care physician.   Stress can make eczema worse, you *might* have an allergy to the metal of your PM, or both, or something applied to your skin may have caused an eczematous reaction.

And the last thing you need right now is itchy skin...


by mspriss - 2019-11-29 02:55:00

Thank both of you for your responses.  Oh my GOSH! Hope it's not an  allergic  reaction to PM!!

might be an allergy

by new to pace.... - 2019-11-29 10:06:07

 after my implant found out the glue they used caused the hives and itching.  Once i was able to remove all the hives and itch disappeared.  When i went to the pacemaker clinic after the first 3 days to have them remove the bandage that was not there.  Asked what the red mark on my shoulder was.  Had thought that was a strange place for any type of incision. told me it would be gone.  Well it was not.  did not really have the itch when on the antibody for the first week.  Then when off, the itch drove me crazy.  Took 2 of my Turmeric supplement every 6 hours.  And kept trying to get the glue off, once it was no longer on the itching stopped immediately.

 Now have the name of the glue to add to my allergy list.


by AgentX86 - 2019-11-29 11:31:48

Watch turmeric if you're on anticoagulants.  It enhances the effects of the anticoagulants.  My cardiologist prescribed 500mg a day but more wasn't recommended.

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