Good EP in Texas

Can anyone suggest a good EP for ICD lead extraction in Texas. Lead is 17 years old. Thanks


Good EP

by Dave H - 2020-02-16 18:51:42

Dr. Natale at the Texas Cardiac Arrythmia Insttue in Austin has a top notch reputation.

Also at TCAI is a Dr. Bailey - avoid him at all costs.  Why? After my third ablation try, all seemed well. A few months later, I developed a NSR 125 heart rate.  Bailey did nothing to address it. After four months of this 125 rate, I had a he-man A-Fib episode.. PM was implanted, and I was notified of my having developed a cardiomyopathy (due to the 125 heart rate.)  My PM - a three lead device- was implanted by a Dr. Burkhardt at TCAI. Current EP in the Scott and White system has stated, that third lead has stopped working & he wants to see me in a few weeks to see what he can do.  He's stated the placement of the third lead (back in 2012) is not an optimal location & he'll address the issue. Lead removal/replacement?

Good luck in finding someone who can help you!

Dave H

by jazzy1986 - 2020-02-16 19:40:11

Thanks a bunch

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