Lifting weights

Yesterday, i lift my cousin and felt like sth happened inside on the left side of my body. And now there is undefinable pain or kind of discomfort but not much. How can I understand if my leads (at least one of them) aren’t ok? 



by Pacer2019 - 2019-11-18 14:49:21

I have thought the same ..... some of what I concluded is if those leads are attached to my heart tissue it would hurt like a BIG DOG if I ripped them out !!! 

I play racquetball and two weeks after implant I picked up a racquet and hit a few balls ........ I felt a twinge on my left side that made me stop.

i don't think it had to do with leads but the rotational movement from hitting a ball and the fact that they cut through my pec muscle and nerves to implant this device. 

I am now waiting to do anymore hitting ....maybe at the 30 day mark 


by Tracey_E - 2019-11-18 14:53:42

If you are more than 2-4 weeks out, there is almost no chance you damaged a lead. If you are a few weeks from surgery, there is still very little chance. After the first 24 hours, scar tissue starts to hold the leads in place, and they are not put in tightly. If you messed up a lead, you would stop pacing. If you feel it or not would depend on how much you pace. It's much more likely  you aggravated scar tissue around the box. Ice should help. 

edited to add, the leads are attached in the heart. They are threaded through the vein then attached to the box. This is not tight, often there is so much extra lead that they coil it and tuck it behind the box. It would be impossible to rip it out of the heart by moving your arm. Once they've been in a year, they are in so tight it takes a special laser to get it out. 

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