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Question ..... I am using the Medtronic app on my phone. 

Is my data available 24/7 to the clinic ? They have told me they monitor me 24/7..... how do they do that ?

can they only see my data if I send a transmission ?

if I send a transmission does it send a snap shot for just that moment ?

i want someone to look at my activity on a specific day at a specific time last week that possible ?

i have heard people mention some box they give people to transmit data through ?  I have no such box only this app. 
should I have a box ? How do I get one? 

does the app replace that ? Is the app,good enough ?


App and box

by AgentX86 - 2019-11-16 12:13:29

They do the same thing, though the chances are probably greater that your phone is with you when you need it.

A lot depends on how they have it set up.  My box only reports in when I activate it.  Some have theirs set to download on regular intervals (daily, in some cases).  Some will download when the PM detects some event.  You need to ask how yours works.

Generally, a pacemaker only stores data from events that it's programmed to trigger on.  Not all "interesting" events can be used as triggers.  A trigger can cause the PM to store an EKG trace for later upload but the trigger has to be something the PM can be programmed to use.

In my case, it was what turned out to be bigeminal PVCs.  My PM can only trigger on a string of five, or more, PVCs.  Bigeminy means that there is a normal beat between each PVC, so there can't be a string of five.  The PM just ignores this but I sure didn't. I had to catch the problem and initiate a transmission while it was happening.  The PM tech could then easily see the problem.  My EP then prescribed a "fix".

To answer your question, when you transmit the data from your PM, you send both a snapshot of that moment (including an EKG) but also a history of everything that happened but only things that cause a "trigger"  that your PM i programmed to recognize can be recorded. Your EP can look at that record and correlate it with your report of an event.



by Amarillo - 2019-11-16 19:05:37

I had a pacemaker for about 9 years that was replaced with a defibulator in 06/2019.  Works great monitor turns on every night while I'm asleep.  Also had cryoablation procedure about 1 year ago and thank God it went perfectly.  Heart now in rythum. Very fortunatily I live in Houston, TX and go to a EP Heart Doctor in the Houston Medical District which is one of the best EP Heart Doctors in the Country.  Dr. John Seger.  Highly recommend.  The only good advice I could give you is don't even think about fooling around with beginner Heart Doctors. Dr. Seger's team at Baylor/St. Lukes does probably 4-5 of these procedures a week.  So I recommend you get an experienced team.  I wish you all extremely good luck. 

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