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I'm getting a PM implant on this Friday and am a bit indifferent about it. I understand it is what it is and I cannot predict the future, I do trust the Sovereignty of God, however I'm yearning to get as much information as I can regarding my surgery and recovery. I have ignored it up until now as though it might just fix itself but Friday just keeps getting closer!!  I'm a very active and an avid horsewoman and Grandma. I ride everyday and haul to compete.  I have Bradycardia, sick sinus node. I have not seen very many horseman/women with PM even on this sight so I'm reaching out to see if anyone has experience with riding and the PM.  Also I have done some reading and have opted to have the PM put sub- pectoral as it seems it will be better protected and secure.  Is this true?  Thank you in advance for your answers!!     


I chose subpectoral

by Kathryn65 - 2019-11-15 09:18:56

I am a 54 year old woman, an active working veterinarian and petite at just over 5 feet tall. I also had a horse and rode often in the past and plan to return to riding. My doctor strongly suggested subpectoral implant for cosmetic reasons to prevent the device from being visible under my skin. We also like the idea that if felt more protected under muscle. I deal with large dogs every day and it is common to take a blow to my chest from a head or leg when my patients are on the table. 
I am 18 days post implant and I am happy I went with subpectoral.  Ice, Percocet and gentle stretches helped.  I returned to work with restrictions one week postop and continue to feel less pain and see improved range of motion of my left arm every day. 

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