Had leads replaced in Aug because two ventricular leads malfunctioned. Got pocket infection. Still treating w/ antibiotics. After surgical healing a very thin membrane was apparent and lead could be felt. 2 days ago lead became exposed thru the tissue. Any idea how long I can go before lead has to be extracted. All cardiac units closed because of weekend and holiday at the hospitals. Nearest center 2 hrs away and don't have appt yet. As stated- still covered by antibiotics


Need to start escalating - this is SERIOUS

by crustyg - 2019-11-12 07:20:29

Hi: In your shoes I would be raising hell - I don't care that it's a weekend or National Holiday - if your leads have come through the skin you are in deep trouble.

IMHO you need that lead sorted out NOW: antibiotics don't work very well if there's a foreign body that the bugs can stick on to, to avoid being engulfed by your white cells (it's one mechanism for your body to kill bacteria).

At the very least you probably need to be an inpatient on high-dose IV antibiotics while the docs sort out who/where/when they will fix your leads and infection.  My guess is that you're probably looking at a new pocket creation on the other side.


by doublehorn48 - 2019-11-12 07:33:21

At one point one of my pm's started moving toward my shoulder.  It was close to coming through the skin.  I came into  the hospital and my Doctor insisted that we do the procedure that day.  I was his last patient for the day.  He said if it came through the skin tht I would be placed in ICU for 2 weeks.  Yes. raise hell this is serious.

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