Prostate cancer and pacemaker

Just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  My pacemaker seems to be complicating treatment.  Surgeon says I'm a good candidate for radiation, radiation oncologist says I'm a good candidate for surgery.  Has anyone gone thru this?



by donr - 2019-11-04 20:01:55

Oc t, 2003.  Did radtherapu successfullu, Jan - Apr 2004.  I'm still aliv e, PSA last may was .04, has been there ever since Aug 2004.  Everyone seems to think it was a success.  PM  weatherred the radiation quite niocely, never any ill effect or any priblems.

Radiation beam was only 1/4 inch bigger than the target.  PM was better than two feet from the target.  Nothing to worry about.


postate and PM

by Rivithead - 2019-11-05 00:25:08

Donr...good data.  Thanks.

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