PM under the muscle but where are the leads placed

Hi All,

For thoes of us , can you please help where the ;leads are placed if the PM is placed under the muscle, My mother had hers placed under the muscle but the wires were not, now she has infection in the wire sleevs and the  docs are suggesting to place it on the right side under the muscle and the leads under the muscle too, wonmdering if this is a good idea.






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by Swangirl - 2019-10-31 19:36:13

People already weighed in on your mother's situation.  You need a new doctor or a new provider.  


by nanand - 2019-10-31 19:55:35

Thanks Swangirl, I appreciate every help offered, given the situation i am in, i am sorry it will be hard to get a new one, moreover this question is more around the placement of leads ; what have people gone with and their recomendations.




by Tracey_E - 2019-11-01 10:25:56

The leads go from the box to the vein. I don't know if you'd call my leads buried or not, the part coming out of the vein is closer to the surface, the part closer to the box is buried along with the box.  Infection is infection, I can't see that having the leads deeper would make a difference with getting an infection. Anything infected has to come out. 

"...wondering if it's a good idea.." Really?

by Gotrhythm - 2019-11-01 15:33:14

Despite your assertion, in your previous post, that your surgeon is the best of the best, locally, you appear to be questioning the treatment he proposes.

That's reasonable. But asking us will do you no good.  What you're looking for and what you need is a second opinion. A second medical opinion.

Doctors, even the very best doctors, are human beings. They make mistakes. They have blindspots. Even though you don't feel you're able to change doctors, there's no harm in asking a different doctor to look at your mom's case, asn say what treatment he would suggest.

There are two possibilities. He will agree with the treatment plan, in which case your anxiety will be relieved. Or, he will disagree, in which case the intuition causing your anxiety will be confirmed. And the next steps will be clearer.

One caution about who you ask for a second opinion. It should be a cardiac surgeon with knowledge of pacemakers, but ideally, someone at a different hospital. Someone who could  disagree ( if need be) with impunity.

You're a good person, seeking the best care for your mom. That gives you the right to question as much as you need to, to insure she gets the care she needs. Even if the person you are questioning is the "best" in his field.

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