fluttering more frequent

hi i had my pacemaker fitted 11 years ago i am 51 so still young and quite active , I had pacemaker fitted due to left bundle branch block , I am just getting over  bug which last a week, but unfortunatley i have now have a bit of dizzeness , and fluttering from my pacemaker, when i try to walk up a hill I can feel my pacemaker kicking in , unsure if maybe my battery may need changed although last year they said everything was fine and life in battery .  Anyone else had this when Ill.

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New flutter

by Gotrhythm - 2019-10-21 15:59:24

Being a little dizzy while recovering from the flu is pretty common. 

I'm no expert but I doubt very much if you pacemaker is causing "fluttering" when you are trying to walk up hill. All a pacemaker does, or can do, is add a beat anytime your heart doesn't beat on its own. Also, the battery running down wouldn't cause flutter.

Unfortunately, electrical problems in the heart can chage over time. In addition to the LBBB there could be a new glitch in your heart rhythm that has just started.

Until you know for sure, I think it would be better to assume the fluttering is something your heart--not the pacemaer--is doing. You might want to give your doctor a call.

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