Cat bite

Hi everyone,

I need some help. First of all I was bit and scratched by my cat two nights ago.  I cleaned my foot/angle, put Neosporin & bandage. The next morning I couldn't walk and my foot/ankle was swollen. The puncture wounds are small and closed but clearly inflamed.. today just so happened to be my yearly visit with my cardiologist. My husband had to go into work late because I couldn't drive let alone walk. My cardiologist was so concerned he almost sent me to the E.R.  He said if my condition worsens gets red or more painful I need to head the Er and tell them I have a pacemaker and I'm to see infectious disease ASAP.. he said something about needing my pm removed if the infection spread. I was not expecting to hear that and had no idea it was even a possibility due to a cat scratch. Does anyone have any info or experience with this. On a side note I'm so sad for my self and my cat. I love him☹️ I'm pretty upset and paranoid too


Cat bite.

by Leesh - 2019-10-18 20:40:22

I left out now important part. Yesterday I saw my general dr for the bite and he gave me one shot for pain and one shot of antibiotic.. he sent me home with antibiotics also.   


Cat Bites & scratches

by donr - 2019-10-18 23:31:27

Cat bites are extremely dangerous, as are their scratches.  They have very small  teeth, are very sharp & their mouths can tolerate organisms that are very infective.Our daughter's cat got startled & suddenly bit me.  Happened at about 10 PM.  By 6 AM I was really hurting.  Shot & antibiotic tabs immediately.  Those sharp little teeth are like hypo needles & they do not bleed well or long enough to cleanse the wound.   They lick their feet so much that their nails are highly contaminated, making their scratches just as bad.


not a cat bite

by dwelch - 2019-10-20 00:28:16

Yes, infections are a big deal for us.  Whatever the source.  And yes the reason is because your body might then realize hey there is something foreign in here and attack it too.  I had a cut that got pretty infected a few inches by a few inches, good idea to draw the outliine of the infection to see if it is growing or shrinking, but realistically if it is big enough to do that, you should go to the E.R and tell them you have a pacer.  The ER doc the time I had that happen said that if I had waited another day they would have admitted me.  I now keep a supply of stuff at home to clean out any cuts, various sized bandages, etc.  I dont mess around any more.  A cat or dog scratch or bite is even worse, dont mess around with that, going forward keep a very close eye on it, treat it, dont be afraid to go to the ER, if you wait too long and your body starts to reject your device, yes it has to come out and then whatever course of action that follows that to deal with your condition.  maybe another device later when the infection heals.   Good topic to talk about with your EP next visit.

I dont think this means you need to get rid of your cat or cats in general, you now have an awareness that you didnt have before.   There was a long period of time where we (pacer patients) were told to pre-medicate before dental work including regular cleanings.  That time has come and gone, determined it wasnt a thing and we dont need to do that.  You may still find dentists that ask YOU if you need to be pre-medicated.  I always found that amusing, why ask me you can talk to my doc, you are both doctors, i am not.



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