Electromagnetic Interferences Radar guns

I’m.a golfer so I purchased a launch monitor. It is equipped with a radar gun to provide golf club and ball speeds. 

The exact warning on the instructions is  ...consult with device manufacturer or physician regarding the possibility of the PM being affected by radio waves (electromagnetic interference).

In previous posts, I read where radar guns are safe around PM if over 5 feet away. The device is to be placed 5’ in back of the golf ball. So I should be a little less than 5’ away from the launch monitor. 

Anyone experience PM problems with equipment like this? 






by ROBO Pop - 2019-10-06 05:09:34

First, I suggest you have an impartial person observe to make sure the problem is simply you are a bad golfer.

Look, some manufacturer's web sites say no problem others say avoid it, and the US Nih says stay away. I THINK IT'S SAFE BUT CHECK THE OPERATING FREQUENCY OF BOTH YOUR DEVICE AND YOUR RADAR GUN. sorry for the caps, accidental but I'm lazy. Anyway if they both operate in the same frequency ask your doctor.

cant imagine

by dwelch - 2019-10-14 00:21:55

I have worked with/around some high field equipment and the danger zone if you will was 6 inches, we got a good meter and measured.  this thing would have to be the size of a car or small building to cause a field that strong at several feet.  And would have to be illegally produced to not have sheilding.  

The mfg and doc will probably not help.  They will lean on the side of caution/legal fear.  The field would confuse the device causing it not to pace and you would fall back to whatever natural rythm you have.  Depending on what that is and how dangerous and if you can even feel it you can do your own experiment with someone else present, if you pass out, have then turn it off or physically move you or it away and your pacer will recover.

the vendor may be able to tell you what the field strenth is at various distances and if there is a focused beam, etc.  I would argue this kind of information should have been gathered during regulatory testing (where they get one or more FCC and other tests done to allow the product to be sold to the general public).  From that you can maybe go to the pacer vendor, this is the frequency and strength and nature of the field at this distance is that a problem.  20 years ago when I did it the legal paranoia was not as bad, was told something like 1 gauss was a problem at 60Hz (was a transformer) , devices have changed and the lawsuits have increased dramatically since then.

Or try some other tech to work on your golf skills, it is possible to determine speed with a camera.  I have no idea what kind of stuff is out there, not a golfer.  as an engineer though with an accurate frame rate and a way to measure the distance you can get speed from two frames with the ball in frame.

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