6 week check up

Hard to belive  that i have now had this pacemaker for 6 weeks. now.  Saw the  PA for the EP  and pacemaker tech this morning.  Said healing well(do have a rash from the glue that was used.)  And a little scar tissue which i hope to work out using accupuncture and movement.

Since the last checkup 4 weeks ago have paced 40%  of the time, 8% afib, and a rate of 68-70.  I of course have not noticed or  felt anything.  Was told some feel something and others i guess am in the catorgory who do not.

Said battery should last 13 years.  Am now referred back to the Cardiolgist who will monitor  me from now on.

   i will say my food senistivities  reactions are not as strong and quick to react now, which are good thing.  None are life threatening.

  Said wearing an alert with "pacemaker' was optional.  But will get  a wrist one as i would like to make it easy for those who need to know amd   with the name of the kind.  Rather than have to search me to find anything out about me.  

   Would like to thank all who in the past 6 weeks have helped go through this. healing process.



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