No sure what to expect

Hi everyone.  I'm a 56 yr old male, that had no symptoms and collapsed at work on 9/11. I did have a right bundle branch block diagnosed about 15 years ago, but it had never caused any problems. I've always walked and kept myself in decent shape, as I have two college golfer sons that I follow.  I've walked 18 and 36 holes a day with no problems.

On 9/11 I collapsed at work, concussed (which I was told probably helped restart me) along with a pretty deep gash on the back of my skull. Turns out I have a Left and Right Bundle branch block and the SA to AV path wasn't firing correctly, kind of a perfect storm.

I received my Boston Sceintific L311 dual lead pacemaker on the 12th and I am now home. I still feel a little light headed, and I am a little anxious about the device. I tried to work a few hours today, but ended up coming on home.

Does anyone else have the lightheaded feeling? I don't know if it is anxiety or a problem.


It gets better

by happy2bealive - 2019-09-16 22:47:16

I'm a 32 year old guy (in good shape and also got my PM outta nowhere). I've had my PM for 4 months and the first 3 months I was lightheaded the whole time. 

I read on here that I had to bug my cardiologists office, so I went in about 9 times in 4 months! The last time I went it was like settings were changed and BOOM! I don't feel lightheaded anymore. 

So keep at it, and you'll get to a point where you don't even remember you have it!



by dwelch - 2019-09-17 23:38:56

If you sustained a concussion that can take a while to recover from side effects can take months.  Need to see someone about that.  It may be the reason for feelilng strange.

Yes the new pacer can also make you feel different too.

Anxiety is definitely something you have to deal with after a pacer, but also you had more than that, the heart issue, the fall, emergency room, emergency pacer, etc.  You have been through a lot in a very short amount of time.  Any one of those are anxiety producing, all of them together...even worse.

Despite folks like me and some others that have had a number of devices, I am on number five.  From the second device on, sure back to work in a few days with restrictions.  From your story, take it slow.  I understand that you may "need" to get back, work helps distract anxiety and so on.  

Bottom line, call the doctors office if you feel there is a problem, lightheadedness or worse. They can get you in and check the device.  You should have an appointment in a few weeks and then one in a few/six months.  these are to check the device, allow time for scar tissue to form so that they can if needed tweak the device settings again.  But at any time from now until several devices from now something is strange, dont hesitate to contact the doctors office.  Unfortunately these things can/do make your heart work different ideally better, and you have to get used to it, you will.  That will be the new normal.  being lightheaded though should not be part of that normal long term, with your head injuries and the heart thing and the device, it might not be unusual for some number of days...

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