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I had my Pace Maker put in end of February this year, I work in the semiconductor world for the last 40 years. Recently had to be placed in another group due to the process has a vary large magnetic field equipment running. No big deal there, always somewhere to go in this industry. My question is for the welders out there, I was in the process of buying a tig welder when I needed to have this PM put in. Question is for distance from the power box. I bought this unit about 10 years ago, Miller 175 wirefeed. It came with a welding lead I'd about 18 feet, I replaced it with a 6 foot one. If I put the longer one back on can I weld a full duty cycle since the box will be over 10 ft. from me?

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by AgentX86 - 2019-09-13 15:19:54

The problem isn't just the unit but the EMI  given off bu the cables and the arc. The guidelines say to keep the unit 5ft from you, run the cables as close together as possible (twisting them would be ideal), keep the arc at least 2ft from your PM, and limit current to 160A. And if you feel *anything*, stop.

My EP said "no way". I highly recommend that you discuss such limitations with yours. We're all different and one size really doesn't fit all.


by Higgs1 - 2020-01-02 21:07:22

These units vary in what affects them.  I would check with manufacturer, but they can get damaged without you realizing it. Then it wont respond properly when needed.  With my, a Medtronic ICD, i was told no welding what so ever

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