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Hi everyone!

My name is Emily, and I've had a pacemaker for around 5 years now. I'm currently a college senior studying biomedical engineering, and for my senior design class, we have been challenged to create a novel biomedical prototype that addresses an unmet health need.

As pacemakers have held a significant impact on my life, I wanted to look into improving the artificial pacemaker, and I was curious on what everyone else's experiences have been like and what you wish could be improved/changed with your device. 

Thank you so much! :) 


Would this interest you, EmilyYang07?

by Jereems - 2019-09-14 22:59:56

fussy chronic Hi, EmilyYang07,

I have a CRT-P for about 4 months. I check the doctor’s web site to get results of interrogations. But, I do not know what it means. 

It is not that I am anxious, but I want to follow it, to see when my disease, which is progressive, is being effectively harnessed, its symptoms addressed, EF fraction improving, intervals and delays being optimized, dyssynchrony being managed, and whether I am a non-responder. Also, signs that kidneys are or are not working — azotemia —, the whole area of endocrinology as it pertains to my progress or lack thereof, watchman device and anti-fibrillation meds.

All you would have to do is devise an app whereby the patient would enter answers to your questions as she reads them on my Interrogation Report. 

You have the brains, the technical know-how and access to the medical science.

Piece of cake, for you!



by Jereems - 2019-09-14 23:02:10

That word “fussy” has to be an auto-correction gone wrong. I did not put it there. 

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