Night time issues

I had my pm implanted on January 28 due to type 3 congenital heart block. Due to haviing a heart rate of 37 at the  age of 42 my cardiologist recommended that I have the surgery.  Also previously in Dec. 2017 I suffered from a stroke. After making a full recovery, thank God in November 2018 I had my first seizure.  I had another seizure in January 2019 therefore I elected to go through with having the surgery. I was told my my cardiologist that the surgery will increase my heart rate and therefore relieve the seizures. Wrong Answer. After the surgery I continued to have seizures in February, March, and April respectively. Now I am on medication for the seizures and they have stoppped. Just recently since the temperature has increased, this has impacted my blood pressure to increase and make my pacemaker work harder. I keep myself hydrated and in moderate temperatues, but lately during night time around 2 am every night i feel as if i am short of breath, having palpations, and dizzy. This also occurs during the day time occassionally, but for the past 3 weeks every night I have the same issues.  It feels as if i cant breathe, my heart is racing at times, it hurts also, that i am going to pass away, and i cant sleep.  I called my cardiologist and he recommended I go to the ER.  I dont want to go to the ER and they tell me everything looks fine.  I have been there and done that already.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


ERs and heart problems

by AgentX86 - 2019-08-29 12:24:08

ERs are a waste of time unless you're dying. Their job is to get you back on your feet and get you back out the door. Unless you have a known history with that hospital, if nothing is found you're out the door. That's why it's called an *emergency* room.

It doesn't sound like your cardiologist is doing you any good either. You really need an electrophysiologist (EP) for these sorts of problems. Cardiologists work on plumbing. This sounds like an electrical problem but an EP will be able to track it down.

Could it be the self check

by Pacedmyruns - 2019-08-29 20:27:09

Could it be the  nightly self check? Since it’s the same time every night? I wa a getting something similar but I only felt my heart beat weird.  No other symptoms. Mine was bc my settings were off. 

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