Weill this nerve twitching, pain in my armpit ever get better or is it here to stay? I hate it but I guess is better than alternative, just wondering if anyone else gets this it is on and off  been almost two years.



by a_model - 2019-08-16 19:11:03


sorry to hear that. I have read that sometimes the PM system can irritates close tissue and nerves. You can try to consult your doctor about changing the settings to bipolar. If you have it already in unipolar. You can see the difference here:

With ‘uni’, the current flows between your electrode and the pacemaker. And with ‘Bi’ it flows just in the electrode(s), when the PM sensing the heart pulse. So with this change you get a smaller magnetic field in your body, for instance. And that is good for not getting to much interference in your body.

More about nerves… The big one. The Vagus nerve. That goes from your head down your spine to your belly/stomach and is connected to all your inner organs. Such your heart, liver, lungs, pancreas etc. for your body to be able to communicate and sending signals from the brain to the rest of your body. Is as I wrote, connected to your heart.

And that is the PM system as well, connected to your heart.. And for example, the sensing settings of the PM can be either more or less sensitive. For your hearts voltage signals. Or. External electronic signals. Sensitive for EMI, EMF and noise from your daily household equipment or wireless communicating systems such mobile phones.  

For example. When your mobile phone is communicating with an mobile mast. It is “pinging” the mast. Asking “are you there” and gets the answer “yes I am here” constant.. And when a mobile phone is communicating, your body becomes the external antenna. So the signal goes thru you.

If you got the sensitive setting set to low. The PM becomes very sensitive for sorunding EMI, EMF and noise and absorb some of that energy. And that energy, that current goes in to your PM system and to your heart and to your nerv system. The big Vagus nerv. So the whole body gets an higher tension in the nerv system then it is used to. And I don’t think that is something good for example your cells.

If the cells in the body get to high voltage. Too much current. Too much electrons… Their process speeds up. So they work harder than normal and probably aging faster to. So my point is. Yeah, it is good that there is a technical system(PM) that saves lives. But if it’s not working properly with your body’s system and daily life. Then it can also causing problems.

So if you cant get your doctor to listening to your problems. See if they got an technician, that understands how the settings should be adjusted for your situation. And read up about it. Knowledge is your friend in this fight.

Good luck!


by Buzzys246 - 2019-08-17 02:24:19

Thank you for explaining I w

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