Lithium powered drills

Are there any negative effects on pacemakers when using a lithium powerd battery drill?


Be very careful

by AgentX86 - 2019-07-02 11:51:11

The batteries are choking hazards. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.

Battery Drills

by Selwyn - 2019-07-02 12:05:34

This should be considered the Holy Grail of an answer to your enquiry:

Do not apply pressure when using the drill by leaning on it using your chest.

 You should  keep a sensible distance betweem PM and drill , then you will fine. ( Like you do with your mobile phone and your PM).

I doubt whether you will do any harm even it the drill was next to the PM, though I am not the first to be trying this. 

I have not had the hammer action of the drill affect my PM inspite of some vibration being passed up the arms to the chest. 

I regulary use battery powered tools and have never had or heard or a problem. 


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